Pocket Terra's

Here do you find all handmade pocket terra's.

We make pocket terra's with original figures and build a little habbitat around them.
We have all different kind of terra's and created a submenu for all the ball's and terrariums we make.


Based on a pokemon ball in the anime series, red on top and white at the bottom. We never saw the inside of the bal and how the pokemon manice to fitt in for such a long time. We introduce the pocket terra ball and let you show the inside. Diffrent pokemon figures, habbitats and sizes.


Handmade terrariums featuring kawaii creatures that will bring a smile to your face, and some greenery or theme based collors into your home. We mainly make tem in some cup and saucer, soup mug, lantern, bell jar, glass and more.
Diffrent figures, habbitats and sizes.

Custom made

Can't find the Pokemon of figure you like. Let's see what we can do.

On this page we are going to put together one ourselves. You choose the figure, habbitat and size and we are gonna build them. 

Finished Quests