Starters Alolan starters (SP002)

€ 120,00

ca. 12 cm diameter

Pokedex information:

# 722 Rowlet: It throws one knifelike feather after another at its enemies, and each one precisely strikes a weak point. These feathers are known as blade quills. It never slacks when it comes to the task of cleaning its feathers. Thorough preening keeps it looking spiffy and its blade quills nice and sharp.

# 725 Litten: It spends even the smallest amount of downtime grooming its fur with its tongue. Loose fur gathers in its stomach and serves as fuel for fiery moves. Trying to pet Litten before it trusts you will result in a nasty scrattch from its sharp claws. Be careful!

#728 Popplio: It creates special bouncy balloons to send at its opponents. When the balloons pop, the sheer force of their bursting is what deals damage. If Popplio want to create big, powerful balloons, they must be persistent. It takes daily practice for these Pokémon to develop their skills.